Replace your old inefficient boiler today 

With the high cost of fuel, it makes sense to install a new, energy efficient boiler today. If you have never changed the boiler in your house, and it's over 15 years old, you may get energy savings of 20% or more. And with interest rates so low, it makes sense to upgrade your boiler to a modern condensing boiler. 

We'll discuss your needs with you, and help you find the boiler and controls that suit your house and lifestyle. 

Keep your boiler serviced

The last thing you want is to switch on your heating this autumn, and find that there isn't any. We can provide a service for your boiler, to make sure that things are running just as they should be. 

Power Flushing

We also have power flushing equipment. By having your central heating system power flushed, your radiators can transfer heat from the boiler to your room more effectively. That in turn reduces your fuel costs, as the cooler the water is returning to your boiler, the cheaper it is to heat. 

Want a gas fire?

We can also install wall heaters and gas fires. Contact us today for more information 

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